Mission Statement

Genuine health is far more than the mere absence of disease. It is a state of balance and harmony that encompasses body, mind, and spirit inseparably.

The 19th-century physician Antoine Béchamp, a contemporary and critic of Louis Pasteur (founder of pasteurization and modern disease theory) maintained that, "It's not the germ; it's the terrain!" This concept of the primacy of an intact life force - whether you call it Qi as in Oriental Medicine, Vital Force as in Homeopathy, Prana as in the ancient traditions of India, or even our Western notion of the immune system - is at the heart of my approach to integrative natural medicine.

Nurturing the life force is my goal for each individual at Lotus Wellspring Healthcare. Your path to wholeness may include:

  • Oriental Medicine, including Japanese-style acupuncture, needle-less Acutron Mentor® microcurrent color and light therapy, traditional manual therapies, and herbal medicine
  • Homeopathy, a life-changing therapy that uses infinitesimally small doses of natural substances to work profound mental, emotional, and physical changes safely and without adverse effects
  • Pranic Healing, a system of subtle energy healing that involves scanning of vital energy centers and rebalancing them through projection of color and light

I look forward to assisting you in attaining optimum health and wellness.

With love and light,

Sybil Ihrig, L.Ac., CCH